Booth Rental and Consignment

Vendor Applications and Agreements are available upon request.
Call us at 828.681.5580 or Email us for more information.


A deposit of one month’s rent as well as first month’s rent is due before Vendor takes responsibility for assigned booth space(s) and thereafter the booth rent is due on the 1st or 15th of each month, depending upon date booth is rented.

After the first month Vendor will be paid by NVM on the 5th day of each month for their previous month’s merchandise sold.

Electricity is available in selected booths – NVM reserves the right to limit the wattage usage.


Items for sale will be pre-approved by NVM.

The following gently used items are allowed for sale in the booths: Furniture, collectibles & home décor, antique & costume jewelry, handbags, scarves, gloves and similar accessories, handcrafted items, and books.

The following items are NOT allowed in the booths: Flammable liquids – please empty all oil and grease from containers. NO clothing, live animals, mattresses, firearms, pornography, or motorized vehicles.

Vendors are responsible for complying with all copyright rules and guidelines.

Vendors will comply with all laws pertaining to the operation of their independent business and with all the regulatory agencies and remit any and all applicable taxes (state, local, federal, personal and business).

Each item for sale must be tagged with vendor number, description, and price. To change prices on your booth items, mark through the old price and place your initials on the tag. Items without tags will not be sold.

If the Vendor is running a sale on an entire booth, a clear sign will be posted on the booth and management and cashiers must be notified by the Vendor.

Merchandise is to be kept fresh. If merchandise is slow to move, vendor is expected to reduce the price to move the item within 90 days.

Vendors are responsible for keeping booths clean and stocked at all times. Vendors are responsible for displaying merchandise attractively to promote a positive atmosphere for the customers and fellow Vendors.

All items must be kept within the boundaries of your booth. Fire code requires all isles to be kept clear at all times.

Vendors are required to show the associate on duty any items being removed from NVM.


NVM will retain 12% commission on all sales within your Booth.

A 3% fee will be charged for items purchased by customers using credit/debit cards. Credit card fees are debited from overall booth sales.

NVM will collect and submit sales tax.

NVM will offer layaway to customers. Layaway terms are 25% down on items over $100 with the balance due in 30 days. The Vendor will receive payment once the item is paid off in full by the customer.

CONSIGNMENT:New Visions Marketplace (NVM), at our discretion, may take consignment items from Vendors. All consignments from Vendors will be charged 40% commission for each item sold. Tags on consignment items will be marked and dated by NVM associates.Items have 90 days to sell on consignment. After 30 days, the item must be  marked down a minimum of 20%. After 60 days, the item must be marked down again. If the item does not sell after 30 more days, it must be removed to make room for new items.